Klaus: The Art of the Movie


The co-creator of Despicable Me, Sergio Pablos, has created a film designed to show the legend of how Santa Claus came to be in Klaus.  Titan Books and Ramin Zahed have put together Klaus: The Art of the Movie. For fans of traditional 2D animation, this book is an absolute delight. Individual character designs, including those that didn’t make the final cut, are all throughout the book. Concept art and behind the scenes stories decorate the pages. My particular favorite part was reading about how certain families in Klaus have specific designs to have their homes resemble them.

Klaus: The Art of the Movie is a delightful behind the scenes look at the colorful artwork of this new holiday special. It comes in a decorative hardcover with gold embossing that makes it an excellent gift.

Klaus: The Art of the Movie is now available from Titan Books.


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