Firefly: The Sting


Stuck on a planet because of lack of port fees, the crew of the Serenity needs to find a job or kill sometime. After some pretty harsh words from Mal, Inara takes all the women on the Serenity to go to a local spa, her treat. Unfortunately, the one woman who ever tricked Mal- Saffron- has other plans than rest and relaxation. One by one, she uses personal information against the women and coerces them into joining her heist. On this planet, once a year a large party is held. Women who are about to join the religious order as nuns on this planet are given one night of debauchery before going behind the wall for good. There is far more to this religious order than meets the eye, and one person there is just asking to be robbed blind.

Firefly: The Sting is one party adventure story, one part feminist commentary. If you love things like Bitch Planet, you’re going to love this graphic novel. Women question the choices given to them, but we still get an amazing adventure story out of it as well. The art is enjoyable and it’s hard to put this graphic novel down.

Firefly: The Sting is now available in hardcover from BOOM!


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