New Irene Adler Comic is Great for Literature Nerds


“To be a woman is to be at war, Jane; and I get shot at only occasionally.”- Irene Adler, Adler #1

Irene Adler from Sherlock Holmes, Carmilla, an Orphan named Annie, Jane “Air” and Miss Havisham and a million more random literary references are packed into the new Titan Comics series Adler. Like the opening of the first Sherlock Story, Jane has found herself out of the Boer War and in need of new lodgings. In an homage to the great introduction of Sherlock Holmes, Jane is introduced to Irene Adler; a brilliant mind who doesn’t quite care who is on which side of the law.  In this world, Miss Havisham is a world class scientist, Adler is a more clearly played out genius, and Jane makes the John Watson role look easy. 

Reading Adler #1, my only complaint about the comic is that it ended too quickly in issue one. Yes, it was a full length comic,  but I wanted more of the story. This is a comic that will definitely stay in my reading rotation.  World Fantasy Award Winner, Lavie Tidhar, is the writer. He definitely knows his literature references and I’m here for it. Artist Paul McCaffrey does impeccable work and his coloring is divine.

Adler #1 comes to store February 5, 2020 from Titan Comics.

Here’s a preview from Titan:



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