Kickstarter Launches for Twisted Dark: Season 2


I’ve got some mad respect for any Kickstarter that starts with this warning:

Content Warning: The stories touch upon many aspects of mental health or unpleasant issues that the characters are suffering from – such as Suicide, body dysmorphia, social media alienation, domestic abuse etc. We’re pleased to have teamed up with MIND to offer support references to anyone suffering from similar issues. MIND is a mental health charity that does some great work in educating people about mental health and helping to remove the stigma about it. We hope that these stories can be used to help people – we get comments stating that they do. But if there is a risk of them triggering you, we suggest you don’t read them.

Twisted Dark Season 2 continues the psychological thriller anthology which looks at the darker sides of humanity. Each volume is designed as a stand alone.

If you want a look at what you’re in for, they give you the option to check out the first volume here.

Here’s the information in regards to the first edition:

In season one, we were introduced to characters all over the world who all share a dark side to their nature. Colombian drug lords, American lawyers, British Military and many ordinary citizens have all made an appearance. There are more than 100 recurring characters who have met, dated, betrayed, tortured, stolen from and killed each other, and as the stories progressed, more and more connections between the characters became apparent.


Here is where you can support it:



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