Jordan Peele’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ Does the Original Good


In 1959, Rod Serling created a black-and-white classic series known as The Twilight Zone. This supernatural anthology series was brilliant and became a household favorite for Thanksgiving marathons and even a beloved ride at Disney World. Comedian and Horror King Jordan Peele brought his version of the beloved show to the world just last year on CBS.  

This reimagining of the Twilight Zone is much better than I was anticipating and I was thrilled to be able to enjoy the new box set. The show is well produced, beautifully acted, and can be watched out of sequence as like the original it’s an anthology show. The Twilight Zone features some popular talent, including Seth Rogen, Tracy Morgan, Chris O’Dowd, Adam Scott, John Cho, Ginnifer Goodwin, Zazie Beetz, Greg Kinnear, Sanaa Lathan, Kumail Nanjani, Jason Priestly, and Steven Yeun. Chances are if you’ve paid attention to popular media in the past few years you’re going to recognize the faces. I may or may not have screaming “OMG ADAM SCOTT” when starting the second episode.

Can we talk about Jordan Peele for a moment? Traditionally, when I hear that there’s a new “Re-imaging” or “Reboot” I tend to do a quick eye roll. However, Jordan Peele has more than proven himself lately as a suspense master with movies like Get Out and Us. Also, Jordan Peele looks incredible in a suit (total drool) and he does Rod Serling proud. It’s obvious Peele has studied and appreciates the source material, which is definitely appreciated. 

The box set includes special feature exclusives, like a documentary called Remembering Rod Serling that explores the experiences and story telling style of the Twilight Zone. There’s also Crossing Over: Living in the Twilight Zone that follows the development and production of Jordan Peel and Simon Kinberg’s adaptation, deleted and extended scenes, a gag reel, and audio commentary for select episodes.  

The Twilight Zone is available on Blu-ray and DVD on February 18, 2020.


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