The Wicked + The Divine Trade #4 is So Big It’s Two Hardcover Books


The Wicked + The Divine has always been obsessed with how each god in human form would end, and now the series itself has. This final collection is so massive that it’s being released as a hardcover two volume set. The collection holds issues 34 to 45, along with all six specials and supplementary works. Part of me feels like you need to write a thesis to embrace all of the Gillen/McKenzie project.

The Wicked + The Divine Volume 4 starts bloody. If you wanted to see a bunch of god heads in a duffel bag, now is the time, friends. The first set is 500 pages.  As always, the story line and art are on point. Prepare to flash backs on previous incarnations of the gods, and I mean they go WAY back.

The artwork is gorgeous, the story complicated, the collection complete.

The Wicked + The Divine Volume 4 is available March 17, 2020 from Image Comics.


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