‘To Me He Was Just Dad’ Features Frank First-Person Essays About Famous Fathers


Joshua David Stein, editor at large for Fatherly, has compiled the stories from children with famous fathers in the new book To Me He Was Just Dad. The stories very from glowing pictures of loving fathers to  sometimes heartbreaking portrayals of fathers who failed their children. While readers may know the name and actions of the Father’s featured, it is fascinating to take a look at these men from their child’s perspective.

Features in this book are folks like John Wayne, Evel Knievel, and even infamous folks like cult leader Saul Newton.  As stated above, there are times where the stories will break your heart, but Stein has also done an amazing job of including in these first person essays positive looks at Fathers as well. Whether you have or had an amazing relationship with your dad, or not, this collection will at some point hit home for the reader.

To Me He Was Just Dad will be available March 31, 2020 from Artisan Books.




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