‘Tiger King’ is the Insane New Netflix True Crime Documentary You Won’t Believe


Tiger King is the New Batsh** Crazy Netflix documentary following the rise and fall of “The Tiger King” Joe Exotic.

First of all, what the actual flying hell did I just watch?  The seven episode series follows the murder for hire plot following Joe Exotic vs. Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue. For those who have never heard of Joe Exotic, he was the head and purveyor of an tiger and big animal zoo in Oklahoma. He is well known for his piercings, his tattoos, his bleached mullet, and the fact that he recorded a series of insane music videos. He was also well known for his nightly television show online.  What follows in this show is an interview with almost every insane person in the large cat world.

If you’re looking for former drug dealers that may have been the inspiration from Tony Montana, this show has them. If you’re looking for random side plots about a woman who may or may not have fed her missing husband to a tiger, this show has it.  If you’re interested in a man who has somehow created an underpaid harem, this show has it. If you’re looking for a man who created his OWN BRAND OF UNDERWEAR FOR HIS ZOO and then proudly tell the world he doesn’t wear underwear, this show has that too. I’m sorry, but there are images of the man driving around in his truck with a tiger in the front seat singing along to the music he recorded and singing along.  By the end of this, you will feel bad for no one but the big cats.

Truth be told, I don’t know that I can use words to actually describe the sheer insanity that is Tiger King. I turned it on because I had a passing knowledge of Joe Exotic, but stayed because it was just so insane that I couldn’t turn it off.  If you are sensitive to violence against animals and true crime, please skip this one.

Tiger King is now streaming on Netflix.


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