You’re a Miracle (And a Pain in the A**)


Beloved podcaster Science Mike, (aka Mike McHargue) is no stranger to questions on how the mind works. In fact, he’s had a front row seat to the world of depression and mental illness. In his new book, You’re a Miracle (and a Pain in the Ass) Mike takes a look at the reason behind why we think as we think, and do what we do. For example, why is it we know we should work out and not eat and entire pizza, but somehow end up bingeing four hours of Netflix and eating an entire Little Caesers’ pizza instead of going for a job?

There are amazing passages about why we argue on Facebook, or think we are in the right when sometimes everyone else can see we are in the wrong. McHargue’s voice is friendly and understanding, making the book incredibly easy to fly though. It feels more like a conversation with your science-focused friends.  Complex topics are broken down in ways that feel easy to grasp and McHargue is careful not to talk down to his audience, but rather is happy to express all the times he’s made mistakes, fought his way back from the brink, and even had a breakdown.

You’re a Miracle (and a Pain in the Ass) is now available from Convergent Books and a worthy read.


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