Ash & Thorn: The finale!


It’s here, issue #5 of Ash & Thorn is here!

With the final battle looming, Lottie, Sarah and Pickle are doing their best to feel secure in their plans, but it’s not really going well. Despite their fears, they go forth and attempt to beat the giant mass of eyeballs, tentacles and death. The monster is a good metaphor for the greed of our world, as it wants only to devour more and more power until there is naught left on the earth. Having an older woman be the one to destroy this evil will never not make me grin.

This final issue brings the conclusion and it doesn’t disappoint. from the beginning I thought that perhaps Lottie might have to sacrifice herself as the champion, and I was proven right.  Luckily, the sacrifice isn’t for naught. That made me smile. I would have missed the attitude from her in any (hopeful) new adventures. As with previous issues, you must take a minute to peruse Pickle’s pantry in case you needed a snack.

The whole series of Ash & Thorn has been a delight from start to finish. I am very excited to see what Mariah McCourt, Soo Lee, Pippa Bowland and Rob Steen will come out with next!


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