To Ears With Love: Jack of All Graves


If you delight in podcasts about horror and the bizarre, but want something more upbeat and entertaining, Jack of All Graves is here for you. Hosts Corri Vaughan and Mark Lewis come together from different perspectives,  thanks to being from different countries.  Each week they release a new episode in regards to something spooky, bloody, murdery, or just macabre.

With two episodes in, you’d have thought that Mark and Corrigan have been doing this forever. Their chemistry is a blast, and they play off each other incredibly well.  Episode one of Jack of All Graves launches right into the South African Tokoloshe. Episode two goes into the Evangelical rapture film A Thief in the Night and the concept of the Christian rapture.  I can’t express how much I look forward to each episode  and how fast I smashed that subscribe button on Spotify when I started listening to the first episode.

Come for the content and delivery, stay for Mark’s Welsh accent.  With fascinating topics and solid chemistry, I foresee this as staying a favorite podcast for some time.

Jack of All Graves is available on Spotify and most major podcast platforms.


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