Plot of the Druid Game Demo Comes Out Today


If your humor is more sarcastic or dry British humor, there’s a new game you just might enjoy. Adventure4Life Studios has announced today that the demo for their new game Plot of the the Druid is available for free on Steam today. It’s playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The fantasy point-and-click game features an hour of game play to start, and demo players will get to try two different difficulty levels, follow a journal to keep them on track, and even do a little shapeshifting. Voice and text is available in six different languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Plot of the Druid is a fantasy point and click adventure game using high-definition hand-painted drawings that capture the feel of old-school pixel art. The script has a dry, sarcastic British wit that’s reminiscent of Simon the Sorcerer, Discworld, and Harry Potter.

Check out the demo for Plot of the Druid on Steam for free today.


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