‘Death on Ocean Avenue’ Explores the Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau


32-year-old Rebecca Zahau was found naked, hanging, and gagged from a second story balcony in Southern California. What the cops claimed was a suicide grew stranger with the discovery of a handwritten message left on the door to the bedroom, as well as the mysterious death of a young boy just a day before. Author Caitlin Rother deeply explores the case and as many of the multiple facets of the case as possible. With interviews with family members, neighbors, lawyers and others involved in the case, the reader gets a comprehensive look at the provable facts and the conjecture that keeps this case hauntingly mysterious to this day.   From pharmaceuticals to a possible kidnapping, this story is so much crazier than just Zahau’s death.

Caitilin Rother’s research for Death on Ocean Avenue feels almost exhaustive, and I wish she could have been the one to put the case to bed for good. Perhaps her book will bring additional interest to this infamous Coronado murder case, much like Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark did to help close the Golden State (EARONS) case.

Death on Ocean Avenue is available April 27, 2021 from Kensington Books


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