The Journey Into Mondo Leviadin


Return to Thra in a time before the Age of Resistance and discover the untold origin of All-Maudra Mayrin, the fan-favorite Gelfling leader from Netflix’s hit Dark Crystal series. Mayrin takes her place as the leader of all Gelfling clans, but she feels unprepared for the great responsibility before her. When whispers of a Gelfling rebellion reach her, she must decide who she can trust—and if she herself is truly worthy of this responsibility…

The Journey into Mondo Leviadin (released on Feb 16th, by Arcahaia Comics) is a prequel, and at 115 pages, it’s a big one, this collection of Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #912.

If you are a fan of either the original movie, or the new Netflix series, you will appreciate this deeper look into the characters who make up this amazing world. Writer Matthew Erman and artist Mi-Gyeong Jo bring you a lush world of honor, responsibility, and the will to fight

We are always moving through our past. It is a long and arduous journey.

Through this comic, Mayrin has to learn to stand for who she is and not only what her mother stood for. Her journey involves a charming pirate, a chamber full of people expecting Mayrin to know what to do all the time, and a trip into the world to see how her people are really living. There is so much angst within her and that comes out in interesting ways throughout the story, thought most often it results in her blowing up at the people around her. There is also sea monsters, which in my opinion make everything better.

I really liked that despite all the troubles that she finds herself in, Mayrin gets her happy ending. She gets a wedding with Kam’lu in a beautiful location. She learns how to stand on her own, to allow her mother’s shadow to not overwhelm her. It’s a lovely arc and a joy to read. And that joy is only multiplied by the extra art at the end of this issue. I always love to look through the bonus covers and character design peeks we get.


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