Bisoulovely- A Review


I have been a fan of jewelry and shining things for many years so when presented the chance to pick up a piece from jeweler, Bisoulovely; I hopped on it. Bisoulovely is a jewelry brand dedicated to making everyone’s magical girl dreams come true. Inspired by magical girl anime series like Sailor Moon, each piece of Bisoulovely jewelry is like living the dream of being a Sailor Scout in your own beloved magical girl anime. 


No, I am not engaged, just right-handed.

I placed an order for the Lyra ring in rose gold and once it arrived, I was in love. Bisoulovely has seriously some of the nicest packaging I have ever seen and opening my ring was amazing. I love my ring and the fit is perfect, not only that; it arrived much quicker than expected. 


The prices can be a little high to some but there are options to set up payment plans for bigger pieces and sales are frequent. Oh and did I mention that Bisoulovely is woman-owned and features a diverse group of models in all of their marketing? Yeah; just some added bonuses before you plan your next purchase. I am already planning on my next piece. 


To learn more, check out their website:


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