A Painted exclusive


I am super stoked to get to share this tease of Painted, a new graphic novel perfect for our current events.

This fall, Humanoids will publish Painted, a reflective graphic novel about girlhood and the patriarchy, by writers Helen Mullane and Kev Sherry and artist Katia Vecchio. Painted follows a young supermodel reflecting on a series of events that, as a teenager, brought her power… then tragedy. The graphic novel will be published under Humanoids’ Life Drawn imprint, which showcases diverse voices and slice of life stories from different points of view. Co-writer Kev Sherry is a member of the indie rock group Attic Lights.

Selene and Sophie are typical high-school girls. One day, when Selene’s period is used to make her the target of schoolwide humiliation, she realizes it’s time for a revolution. Inspired by the Celtic face-painted warriors of her ancestry, Selene sets out with her friends to challenge the patriarchy.

But when the ferocity of the real world comes crashing in, the girls’ identities are shattered, and they are left to pick up the pieces all on their own. Painted deals unapologetically with bullying, violence, language, drug use, death, the bonds of sisterhood, and—above all—the power of friendship.

Humanoids will publish the powerful and relevant graphic novel Painted on October 12, 2021


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