‘Taking Down Backpage’ Looks at Trafficking in The United States


When we hear about Human Trafficking, so often it is associated with places like Thailand or India.  However, it occurs quite prevalently in the United States. In the new book Taking Down Backpage, Attorney Maggy Krell discussed the crimes and concerns that lead her to her mission to bring down a website where youth were being sold for sex. Backpage was notorious for paying lip service to authorities on taking down ads where youth were being sold, before allowing them to go right back up. Texas, Florida, and California currently have the highest numbers when it comes to reported trafficking cases.  Maggy Krell works in California, and could not sit idly by while seeing young women pay the price for this horrific business.

With a lot of help, and dogged determination, Maggy helped lead the charge that put three corrupt businessmen behind bars and took down a major highway for traffickers. The book is fascinating, albeit sometimes hard to read when realizing what some of these youth had to endure at the hands of traffickers.

Taking Down Backpage is available from NYU press in January 2022.


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