Kickstarter Round Up 11/10


Woo, it has been a minute, but I’m back with this week’s Kickstarter Round Up!

We’re starting off strong with,  Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus by Sal Abbinanti and Andrew Dabb.

The complete 350+ page series plus rare pinups!

ATOMIKA is the modern 20th-Century God of the Soviet Union! God Is Red follows ATOMIKA across a 12-issue story arc, as he travels the Soviet Union doing battle with the old mythological gods of Slavic Russia. It was originally published as a series by Mercury Comics. The new ATOMIKA: GOD ID RED Omnibus collects the entire story in a single volume and includes 75+ pages of all-new art — featuring rare and never-before-seen covers & pin-ups by Tim Bradstreet, Claudio Castellini, Gene Colan, Darwyn Cooke, Glen Fabry, David Mack, Eric Powell, John Romita Sr., Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Turner, and more!

Next is, Eternal Warrior: Scorched Earth by Tres Dean & Alberto Taracido.

A brand new, original Eternal Warrior story by Valiant Entertainment!

ETERNAL WARRIOR: SCORCHED EARTH is Valiant Entertainment’s first original graphic novel and debut Kickstarter campaign, featuring the return of fan-favorite character Gilad Anni-Padda, the ETERNAL WARRIOR, and Tama, this generation’s GEOMANCER of Earth. ETERNAL WARRIOR: SCORCHED EARTH is an epic, heartfelt story exploring the unique relationship between the ETERNAL WARRIOR and the GEOMANCER, as well as introducing an all-new threat into the Valiant Universe.

And then, because spooky season is all year, there is, Bump: A Horror Anthology by Joseph S. Farrar.

A horror anthology with each issue featuring different stories, all illustrated by different artists with wildly different styles and influences.

BUMP returns with issue 2, featuring another six horror stories illustrated in black and white by six very talented artists. This time, we’ll be featuring some slightly longer stories, with a couple being ‘bumped’ up to 5 pages instead of 3. Interior artists include: Joe Eisma, Cat Parra, Colleen Palmer, Spencer Davis, Dann Franco, and Morgan Beem.

And if you like cute AND spooky, there is, Fangs & Foul Play: Horror, Justice, and an Evil Vampiric Cat by L.K. Ingino.

A tortured ex-colonel becomes enslaved to a sarcastic vampiric cat and is forced to do his bidding.

A telepathic vampiric cat, Fang, in a Victorian town, just wants to eat! Meanwhile, a conflicted ex-colonel just wants to do the right thing. What happens when he becomes enthralled to Fang? This PG-13 light horror comic is perfect for anyone who loves cats, Sabrina, and The Addams Family. If this sounds like you, then Fangs & Foul Play is right up your alley — you alley cat, you.

And lastly, is the Avery Hill Publishing Spring 2022 Line offerings.

Three amazing new books: ‘2120’ by George Wylesol, ‘Sleeping While Standing’ by Taki Soma, and ‘Outer Wilderness’ by Claire Scully.

With this campaign we’re launching the first half of our 2022 line. Many Avery Hill readers will recognise George’s work from his previous AHP titles Ghosts, Etc. and Internet Crusader, and 2120 is no less groundbreaking. Presented as a blend of classic ‘choose your own adventure’ stories and point-and-click escape games, it offers readers the chance to explore these liminal spaces and, at the same time, take an existential journey of discovery. Taki Soma is a HUGO Award–nominated artist, writer, and colorist. Sleeping While Standing is her first solo collection, a series of short autobiographical strips dropping in at important events throughout her life that shaped who she is today, told in a compelling and humorous authorial voice. And regular Avery Hill readers will be familiar with Claire Scully’s ongoing series of stunningly illustrated books exploring varied environments. Each book is a standalone, wordless collection of illustrations that examine our relationship with the spaces we occupy.

Make sure to come back next week for our next Kickstarter Round Up!


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