Unioverse Video Games Get Series of Comics


Hex Publishers and Random games have partnered for a series of original comics based on Unioverse videogames. The six-part series will feature individual one shots that end up interconnecting. They introduce five playable heroes from the videogame. The comics are written by Joshua Viola and Angie Hodapp. Art is done by Ben Matsuya, with AJ Nazarro on covers.

Unioverse: Reyu launches May 9th 2023.

Here’s the synopsis:

Set in the near future, the Unioverse story centers around a technology discovered on Mars that allows anyone to instantly transport their consciousness across galaxies. A playable alpha sequence from the first Unioverse game, The Proving Grounds, was launched this year by a team of gaming and entertainment industry veterans behind titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Donkey Kong Country and Crackdown. The narrative direction of the Unioverse is led by Brent Friedman, a master storyteller whose previous credits include writing on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Walking Dead, Call of Duty, and Star Trek: Enterprise.

The Unioverse comic book series will comprise of six issues:

Issue 1: Reyu (Release date: 5/9): Reyu, respected warrior, the last of his kind, must bring a notorious assassin to justice. But Reyu knows something about the assassin that just might change the course of his own fate.

Issue 2: Krishah (Release date: 6/6): Krishah never misses her mark…until she does. Now, the religious cult that controls her offers her one shot at redemption: Kill Reyu.

Issue 3: Tor Gret (Release date: 7/11): Merge Keeper Tor Gret is forced to take on the merciless Vipers and their sadistic leader alone, since the mercenary he hired to fight alongside him got a better offer. Tor will deal with him later…

Issue 4: Annill (Release date: 8/8): A bombing at a political soirée forces bodyguard Annill to risk her life saving many important guests. While waiting for the all-clear, she recalls the tragic history of her planet and her people.

Issue 5: Vella Janx (Release date: 9/5): Vella Janx and his loyal companion, 9Bot, agree to help Tor Gret complete a dangerous exfiltration mission. But when a better offer from an enigmatic stranger comes along, Janx is all in. Business is business…

Issue 6: Silas Kyruk (Release date: 10/10): Silas Kyruk lost everything the instant Malcolm Orion reawakened the Mass-O. But this mastermind has a plan to get it back. All he needs are the finest, most capable fighters in the Unioverse—Reyu, Krishah, Tor Gret, Annill, and Vella.



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