Documentary ‘Last Song from Kabul’ Celebrates Women Almost Silenced by the Taliban


The short documentary, Last Song from Kabul, follows the young women of the first all-female orchestra in Afghanistan and their frantic departure from Kabul in 2021.  Young girls at a small music school studied and fought to form an incredible orchestra that toured briefly across Europe. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, music played by young women was forbidden. The penalty for being discovered playing music as a woman was death.  The film follows students from the school as they receive the opportunity to go to Portugal as refugees and try to rebuild their lives.

Last Song from Kabul is a beautiful, but heart-breaking film. The film is comprised of interviews of the young women from the music school. Their stories vary, but it is impossible not to feel for these women as they talk about their very real fears of being executed for enjoying playing an instrument.

Last Song from Kabul is currently shortlisted for the Oscars.  You can watch it streaming now on Paramount Plus.



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