FangirlNation Media Kit LogoFangirlNation is a site for women to come and share their enthusiasms. It is for women who love movies, comic books, going to conventions, crafting, and diving deep into the details of their chosen fandom. It is designed to create a safe place to share the joy of truly celebrating a topic.

FangirlNation is a place to learn about upcoming movies, good books, and new events. We announce them and we review them, helping our readers sort through the truly amazing and wonderful variety of entertainment options available today. FangirlNation’s writers interview the creators of the comic books, movies, games, and books that they love.The site includes a number of regular columns covering topics our readers and writers are passionate about including “The Crafty Corner,” a cosplay and crafting  column; “All The Thing”,  about things that must be binge-watched or read, “Mistress of Death” column on the morbid and often amusing side of life, and the “Scholar’s Advice” about how to live in a fantastic world. Thanks to a new and enthusiastic columnist, we have just expanded our site to look at women in sports.

We are passionate about the topics we write on, and it shows. If we like something, we’ll let everyone know! We share press releases, preview images, and opinions and invite our readers to do the same on site and across social media.

We have an enthusiastic group of followers who are exuberant and joyful in their love of their favorite fandoms.

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Side Column Advertisements Size Per Month One Site Per Month Two Sites (FangirlNation & FanboyNation)
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Event Coverage At this point, we don’t charge; it depends on reporter availability and event accessibility.


We are also open to ad exchange. Want something you don’t see here? Ask us!

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Since its beginning in June of 2014, FangirlNation has seen the number of users and sessions more than quadruple, with the upward trend continuing.

An Overview of Site Reach

(Numbers from Google Analytics and Jetpack (per day)

September 11, 2015 – October 11, 2015

Sessions Users Unique page views Average Page Per Day
12,690 11,051 34,147 518


Traffic Sources Number of Hits Percentage of Total
Organic Search 6,605 52.05%
Social 2,912 22.95%
Direct 2,580 20.33%
Referral 3,497 27.56%


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About FangirlNation’s Editors

Site Owner Robert Samo: R.C. began his journalism career in 1996 as a college freshman. He has been published everywhere from Pro Wrestling Illustrated to the Oakland Tribune and Orange County Register. His vision for FangirlNation and FanboyNation was to return a sense of traditional journalism to a world full of sensationalism and geek rage.

Editor-in-Chief Victoria Irwin:

Victoria IrwinVictoria  grew up with at least two books in her bag at all times. Discovering comic books, Science Fiction, and Fantasy at an early age, it was only a matter of time before she became a Fangirl. With a deep love for Doctor Who and classic detective stories, Victoria turned her attentions to writing and sharing her love of a good story with the world. The University of California, Irvine Alumnae seeks to spread the word about amazing comic books, good novels and television shows that deserve a long look. She is also on Twitter @VicSplinterRG


Associate Editor Jessica Greenlee

Jessica_avatar-96x961Jessica Greenlee grew up in a house full of books, loving them so much she went to the University of Oregon to get her doctorate in literature. She is still surrounded by books and is hopelessly and irrevocably in love with stories and storytelling. She is helped and hindered in writing her reviews by a small parrot who has tasted his share of literature. She can be found on Twitter as @Bkwyrme.