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Gallifrey_1I am obsessed with Doctor Who. From my bathroom to my bedsheets, I have everything Doctor Who. So, it was a little heartbreaking when my fiance told me he didn’t want a Doctor Who-themed wedding and was looking for something a little “more traditional.” Any suggestions for how we can combine his traditional side with my love of TimeLords?


Stranded on Gallifrey

Dear SOG,

As a Doctor Who fan myself I know well how obsessed we can get with our “Madman with a Box” BUT You don’t want your fiance feeling like second best on his special day. The Eleven-Amy-Rory triangle might have been a fun storyline to watch, but it horrible way to live. And finding ways to compromise not only makes sure you have a ceremony and reception you are both happy to be at, it’s also great training for the future. Keep in mind, most attendees are not your convention companions. It’s primarily going to be your family and his. Having a massive theme that not everyone will understand is likely to make them feel left out; like standing within an inside joke.

Start subtle. Pick TARDIS blue as one of your colors. Ask him if he will consider a bow tie. Add a K9 key fob nestled in your bouquet or a sonic screwdriver on your garter. Ask him what is most important when he visualizes your nuptials. Maybe he gets to pick classic vows and a tall, white cake. How knows, if you show how much you care about what he wants, he’ll ok your TARDIS photobooth and themed props.


I’m trying to spice up the nerdier side of the bedroom with my partner, but so far we seem stuck on the Slave Leia costume. I’m over wearing the chains of Carrie Fisher and would like to incorporate other fandoms into our role play. Any suggestions?


Done with Buns

Dear DWB,

Sounds like it’s time for Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth. Or make him do the work with a Batman cowl and Christian Bale growl. Embrace Captain Kirk as a classic Green Alien Girl. You can work your way up to the Klingon play (and make sure you have a safeword).

Start with what you love. Be the Pepper to his Iron Man. Surprise him with a twist on Kitana’s finishing move. Just remember sex is like geeking out, it all about having fun.


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