I’ve Got a New World In My View: ‘Resistance’ by Samit Basu


51WuUYWtYeL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Resistance by Samit Basu is the follow up novel to last year’s Turbulence.  The book begins 11 years after a group of strangers developed superpowers after a flight to India. Some have used their powers for good; some not so much. The original core has split apart, though seveal have joined a group called Unit. Uzma (with the skills to charm anyone) and Jai ( the man unable to die) both work with the group, despite its reality show tendencies. Aman (a man connected mentally to the internet) is considered dead, although his ghost is haunting it the internet. Tia (with the ability to multiply herself seemingly ceaselessly) has continued to wander across the Earth. There are other with powers as well, choosing to use them to form giant robots and television shows. When the leader of a corporation makes it his personal mission to end Supers, the group must reunite and helps prevent not only their destruction but also the predicted end of the world.

Unlike Basu’s last book, Resistance has more of a world view. No longer set only in India, the book takes the characters to Japan, New York City and the far secret lairs of hidden superheroes. Superheroes and Supervillians are blurred lines in the book as well. Many are rated only on their credit on social media. As one character casually mentions, smaller indie superheroes write each other fantastic reviews on websites to drum up business and the best way to become well known is a reality show.

Resistance acts as a love letter to Kaiju, action sequences, pop culture and comic book action heroes. Much like Turbulence, Resistance features loveable characters that the reader enjoys following. Even the most ridiculous concepts, such as a giant lobster creature attacking Japan before becoming dinner, gives the reader a smile instead of a confused sigh. Fans of superhero comics, Godzilla films and Voltron will greatly enjoy the subtle references and allusions.

Resistance is now available from Titan Books.


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