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13 front done

Exterminate your garbage with this cute Dalek trashcan! I’m Goblin Gal, and this month I will be showing you how you can bring a genocidal cutie like this into your home or office! (Wait, why are we doing this again?) As a quick warning, crafters, this is my biggest project to date, and thus it is a bit more costly than the previous projects. For me, it cost about $20-$25, but this price may go up or down depending on whether or not you have some of these pieces lying around the house. However, it’s a small price to pay to have this superior specimen in your home! Who doesn’t want a Dalek doing their housework? Well then, allons-y!

Difficulty Level: Easy


1- Mats1You will need:

  • 1 Swivel top trash Can (3 Gal.)
  • 1 Can gold metallic spray paint
  • 1 Bag of ping pong/practice golf balls
  • 1 Small whisk (6 inches)
  • Glue gun/sticks or super glue
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • One 3/8th inch dowel (cut down)
  • Suction cup
  • Black paint (acrylic)
  • Silver paint (acrylic)
  • Garden hose nozzle extension (from .99 cent store)
  • Solar lights (single stake kind) (big lots, 99 Cent etc)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Hand saw etc (for cutting dowel)
  • Ruler and fabric measuring tape



Step One- Preparing and Attaching the Golf Balls

A) Making the Hemispheres: To replicate that infamous Dalek armor we will need raised hemispheres to cover the torso area of our trashcan. We will be using plastic golf balls (labeled as practice balls). Ping pong balls could also be used if you want to avoid the pitted texture for a more ‘authentic’ look. The gold balls were cheaper. For a trashcan this size (3 gal) six columns and four rows works nicely, meaning we will need 24 hemispheres (12 halved golf balls). To cut them in half, carefully and gently poke a starting hole with an awl or your pair of scissors. (You do like your hands to be without gaping wounds, don’t you?) Proceed to cut the golf ball in half. The ones I bought had a center seam which made it nice and easy to cut evenly. Great! Now do this eleven more times!


2- GolfBallPrep

B) Marking the Placement and Gluing the Hemispheres in Place: Next we are going to mark where all the the hemispheres are going to be placed on the can.  Make sure to leave an open margin at the top and bottom. This allows the lid to continue to seat correctly, and allows for a small visual break at the bottom. Draw six evenly spaced vertical lines on your can. I started by placing the first hemisphere at the top of the can, just under the margin. I then used a ruler to drop a straight line from the top of the can to the bottom. The hemispheres can be easily glued in place with your hot glue gun. 4- PlacementCollage

I used this first column to base the others off of. I marked each location where a hemisphere should go with a small piece of tape. When I started gluing I found that if you attach the top and bottom first, you can use the ruler as a straight edge to ensure they glue in place evenly.

Great! Your trash can has begun the transformation into one of the universe’s most feared villains!

5- balls on

 Step Two: Painting and Attaching the Accessories. 

6- painting small partsA dalek wouldn’t be complete without its lights, arms and eye stalk. It is best to make and paint these and attach them to the can first, before the basic body coat, for a firmer connection to the can. (Originally I did it the other way around, bad idea.)

A)  Arms:  Using a sawing or cutting implement of your choice, cut your dowel down to six inches. Glue the backside of the suction cup to the end of the dowel (so that the cup is facing out). Paint the dowel silver, and the suction cup black. The suction cup will take several coats (tricksy silicon). Glue the arm to the front of the body. I put it between the front and second hemispheres.

The other arm is your whisk. If your whisk has a wire loop on the end, bend it in so it is at a 90 degree angle to the whisk. (This will aid in stability when it is glued on.)

8- ear placementB) “ear” lights: Dismantle your solar lights. If they are on a stake, remove the stake and power cell, so that just the decorative plastic housing remains. These clear plastic shells will become the lights on the Dalek’s head. They get placed on the dome top, on the top center of the immobile piece (not the swinging door).

C) Eye Stalk: I got this neat 4 pack of garden hose nozzles from the 99 Cent store, and one of them was pretty much perfect as is, but you can also take them apart, combine them etc for a better look. Leave the front dial black, but paint the rest silver.

You may notice a balance issue in the swing top once the eye stalk has been attached. To adjust for this, you will need to add a counter weight to the underside of the swing top, on the opposite side of where the eye stalk is positioned. I took the base of my solar light that I wasn’t using. Hint: tape the pieces in place and test them first, to ensure you have the right balance before permanently affixing them (it’s like when they let you play with the scales in science class). If you prefer to hang onto the extra solar light parts you could use any number of other things as weights. (Fishing or drapery weights, etc.)

3) Painting the Main Body

Tape up the bottom margin with painter’s tape. This will keep a black strip along the bottom to replicate the black “base” many Daleks have. Also tape any parts of the accessories you don’t think you will be able to avoid with the spray paint. Take your Dalek outside to a well ventilated area and coat the Dalek with gold spray paint. Mind the hemispheres! It can be easy to accidentally miss their undersides (tricksy things).Coat them thoroughly.10-Painting2

Let your Dalek dry completely and put him together! Congratulations, you have made a Dalek!  Maybe it will even attract the attention of a certain doctor? (Seriously, it’s dangerous to have one of these around!)

11- done 12-SideDone

Thank you for crafting with me! I seriously had a ton of fun making this little guy, and hope you do too! I will will see you again next month for another Fangirl crafting project at Goblin Gal’s Crafty Corner!





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