Thomas Alsop #5: The Truth Hurts



In an attempt to let everyone know about the 3,000 souls trapped at Ground Zero in New York City, Thomas reaches out the only way he knows how; television. After bringing pizza to a evening talk show, Thomas steals the spotlight and tells everyone he will be performing one hell of an exorcism. He is, of course, promptly banned from late night talk shows. 9/11 becomes the rallying cry that gets Thomas kicked off his own TV show.  The media outcry over Thomas leads to an emergency meeting of the five families in charge of New York. Thomas’ pleas for attention, it seems, is to help gear up the energy of people talking about him. With enough energy he can perform the exorcism correctly. However, even Mayor Bloomberg stands in his way.

With Chris Miskiewicz keeping me on my toes story wise and Palle Schmidt continuing to blow me away with such a gorgeous art style, the team has me on the ride that is Thomas Alsop. I delight in seeing this comic in my inbox, and as the story moves towards the 8th and final issue I am both excited to see where the story goes and praying that it continues in a different story arc.  It’s not every day that one finds such a great combination of original story and artwork. Issue #5 leaves the reader with a bit of a smirk, despite the fact that the subject matter is so heavy and charged in our current political climate.

Thomas Alsop #5 is available now from BOOM! Studios.


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