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Fancy a quest?

To celebrate 40 years, 40 years, of role playing adventures, Wizards of the Coast has introduced a huge event that has spread across the table top game and now onto comics.

For those  (like myself) who have dipped their toes long enough to know the basics of the game, the significance of this comic holds is a bit lost on me. Therefore, to research! Meaning reading the introduction to the current story here. Apparently a cult is trying to resurrect a creature named Tiamet, Queen of Evil Dragons. This is the basis for Tyranny of Dragons.

There is no hint of this impending doom in the  first issue of Baldur’s Gate. A elven wild mage named Delina is being chased by vicious stone flying gargoyle-like creatures. In desperation, she unleashes her unsteady magic and release: Minsc and his giant space hamster, Boo.

Whatever trepidation I had that this was going to be a heavy fantasy tome that would require reading with a serious face dissipated as I choked on my water from laughing. I cannot stop staring at the panel where Minsc appears. Too many levels of amusement and enjoyment there. The artwork by Max Dunbar is just so much fun and full of excitement. Minsc’s eyebrow. I can’t get over it!

From my extensive, high speed research, Minsc is a fan favorite among video game players since he made an appearance in Bioware’s Baldur’s Gate. He is a comic relief berserker.Whatever he is, I’m already in love with his character and I want more of him.

Baldur’s Gate is written by Jim Zub (same person who wrote Wayward). There is alot of love and humor in the story reflecting the personal connection that Zub has to the game. Zub credits D&D for developing his writing career. The story is introduced well enough that a D&D newbie like myself could follow along.There was still this unconscious weight that I was missing a lot of the references. Instead of being frustrated, I just do what I usually do when I’m on the brink of my newest geek obsession. Devour as much information on the subject that I can. Although there is this sizable resentment that my first introduction to D&D was by the movie adaption in 2000. My interest in D&D  came from curiosity after watching the movie. I loved that movie ( I still do) but there is still this sort of outsider mentality since I was not initiated in the traditional sense. The comic does smooth alot of that hesitation away.

When it comes to D&D, I flinch at the thought of killing or hurting dragons. Even in Skyrim, I dance around the attacking dragon until the other characters in my party kills it. Pretty sure this hesitation would grant me a fatal end. ..

Even so, Boo, the giant space hamster means an automatic interest in this comic for me. Huge sucker for critter companions. One issue alone and I’m ready to follow Minsc’s adventures anywhere.

IDW will be rolling out Baldur’s Gate October 2014 at your local comic book retailer. Roll for initiative!



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