Mistress of Death: Puswhisperer


cover51290-smallMark Crislip is not your average Infectious Disease Doctor (ID for short). In order to make sense of his life and the many papers he read for his work, Crislip began a blog online to document his work and his quite wonderful sense of humor. Having worked in the field for 25 years, Crislip knows of what he speaks.

Crislip’s new book, Puswhisperer, is a collection of his blog posts for a year in an easy to read format. It also includes his references. While some of these posts feel dated (there are references to George W. Bush), the material is still relevant and sometimes just plain scary. However, Crislip’s sense of humor and pop culture references make reading about infectious diseases…dare I say it…fun. I found myself laughing out loud while reading about MRSA of all things. His love of his Porland, Oregon home is clear. It is nearly impossible to read this book without chuckling and desperately wanting an Oregon homebrew beer in your hand.

Puswhisperer is available November 3 from Biting Duck Press.


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