Mina Murray’s Journal: Because We’ll Always Need Dracula


Mina Murray's JournalHe’s the shadow that comes in the night, the alien invader who knows more about us than we know about ourselves, the one coming to remake the world to suit himself.

And we can’t stop talking about him.

This time, the tale of Dracula is being told by a modern young woman, Mina Murray, who uses the latest technology to tell of her experiences. In other words, she’s not so different her strong-willed counterpart in the nineteenth century, who also told much of the original Dracula using all the modern technology she had available.

This Mina, though, lives in the twenty-first century and already knows stories about vampires and Romania. She’s trying to make ends meet and figures a quick trip to Romania to hand-deliver some papers will be a bit of excitement. Instead,

she comes across an ancient evil, which will put her and everyone she loves in danger. Mina is 23, funny, warm, ambitious, but stuck in a boring job that doesn’t challenge her, and not particularly enjoying her current relationship either. Openly and proudly bisexual, she’s happy in her own skin, but has no idea that her housemate Lucy is secretly in love with her. Fiercely loyal, Mina would go through hell to help her friends and family ­ and she’s about to. Because she’s on a collision course with an ancient vampire: Count Dracula…

The series stars stand-up comedian Rosie Holt as Mina Murray, Kate Soulsby as Lucy West, Scottish YouTuber Liam Dryden as John Harker and Eddsworld series regular Matt Hargreaves as Jack Seward. It is written and produced by John Moran who has earned his horror cred honestly as a writer on Severance, Cockney’s vs Zombies, Tower Block and for Doctor Who and Torchwood.

The fifteen-episode will be online in September. Moran writes that “because this is a modernised, vlog adaptation, you may *think* you know the story, ­but we’ve got plenty of surprises along the way.” It is described as horror with some self-aware humor, and the teaser came out today. We’d love to know what you think of it after you’ve watched it!

Ways of pronouncing "vlog"

It’s a journal, not a vlog

Mina Murray's Journal: Because We'll Always Need Dracula
Article Name
Mina Murray's Journal: Because We'll Always Need Dracula
A webseries starring a modern Mina Murray and her vlog brings Dracula to the twenty-first century. Watch the teaser on site and tell us what you think in the comments!
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