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Welcome one an all to the Cosplay Feature of the Week! This week we bring you a very special cosplayer: Lunar Lyn Cosplay! Why is she so special? Maybe I am biased but it is geared towards the fact that:

  1. She loves Sailor Moon!
  2. She loves Star Wars and makes an EXCELLENT Amidala.
  3. She enjoys Miyazaki films.
  4. Need I say more??????

I met Lunar Lyn Cosplay’s owner, Karlyn, at Mesa CMX 2015 however; I did not realize that I had photographed her work at Phoenix Comicon earlier that year so it was great to put a face to the cosplayer I enjoyed following! Karlyn is a talented cosplayer who’s congenial attitude has earned my respect. Enough of my fangirling, let’s learn more about her!

Lunar Lyn Cosplay

Hello Karlyn! Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Karlyn. I work as an accounting clerk at my family business in Scottsdale, AZ. I have a degree in Oil Painting but it’s mostly a hobby now, like most of my other artistic endeavors. I’m 30!! Woo Hoo!! I like so many things, it might be way too hard to list them all…

I am a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. Like, to unhealthy levels, lol…

Other favorite fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Disney, Nintendo, DC Comics, and TONS of Anime. I had lots of old favorites that I grew up with such as Rainbow Brite, The Little Mermaid, The Princess Bride, and Batman the Animated series. As an adult I’m really into Once Upon a Time, Kdramas, anime, and STAR WARS.

Favorite Video Games include: ANY AND ALL THINGS ZELDA, Galaga, Kirby’s Adventure (NES), Super Nintendo Donkey Kong 1 and 2, Rayman (Playstation), Crash Bandicoot (Playstation), Rogue Squadron, and MYST. Gosh I love MYST.

OH! I love sewing and costuming, duh.

You may be my Spirit Animal Karlyn…literally EVERYTHING you mentioned is in my realm of interest. So how did you end up in this crazy world of Cosplay?

I grew up with “dress up” before cosplay was really around. My Mom had this huge antique chest that my brothers and I called our dress up box and it was full of costume pieces and accessories, both hand-made and store bought, and it was pretty much the best thing ever. It fueled my love for becoming a favorite character. High School through College I was just all about Halloween, the Renaissance Festival and theater. I probably annoyed people but these were my only outlets that I knew of at the time. It wasn’t until I attended Phoenix Comicon in 2010 that something really snapped in me. I wanted to be a part of the community and the artistry. SO badly that I taught myself how to sew! I just googled and spent hours pouring over online tutorials and YouTube videos about sewing techniques. And here we are now, ha!

We are glad you discovered your passion was cosplay and joined in the fray! From what I have seen of your costumes you are an expert seamstress: have you earned any contracts or commissions from admirers?

Cosplay is only a hobby for me right now, I don’t plan to make it a career. Mostly because of what cosplay is for me: it’s joy, friendships, art and experiences. I do it because it makes me happy and sometimes even brings joy to others. I plan to join a few charity groups in the coming years too.

Charity is a terrific idea! Arizona has a great selection too! On a similar topic, have any big companies approached you with sponsorship opportunities?

No not yet, [though] it would be pretty neat to have that opportunity someday.

With your cosplay repertoire as large as it is have you completed your dream cosplay or is that something you still strive for?

That’s a tough one. Being a Nintendo fangirl, I would LOVE to make Samus Aran armor. BUT I think my actual DREAM cosplay would have to be Queen Amidala’s purple traveling gown that you can see in Episode 1. Guh…it’s so lavish and detailed. THAT GOLD HEADPIECE THO.

Yep, one day.

What advice would you like to offer current cosplayers?

Don’t forget the original reason why you started cosplaying! I know sometimes life, or even the cosplay community, may get you down a little but if you always remember what got you here, you’ll feel inspired and renewed. A compliment goes a long way. Compliment a stranger on their cosplay or prop work. Spread joy, encourage each other, uplift one another, we are all in this together and it should always be a fun and safe place to be.

What would you like to tell new and/or aspiring cosplayers?

If not being able to sew is keeping you from cosplay, just know that there are so many other ways to achieve a great costume! There are absolutely no rules about where or how you get your costumes. Go find something in your closet or thrift store to put together! Find an awesome store on Etsy or Storenvy that sells made-to-order pieces, they don’t have to break the bank to look awesome. Bust out that hot glue and cardboard! Let your creativity and imagination out. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should cosplay.

Those are wonderful words of wisdom. I could not agree more with them. Have any cosplayers helped you on your journey or are there any you take inspiration from?

My oldest and forever cosplay role model is Wind of the Stars. I have literally followed her cosplay journey for like 10 years. She’s so incredibly talented, gorgeous and fun. If you haven’t looked her up, GO DO IT NOW. Plus she’s a fellow Sailor Moon fanatic so how could I not love her?! I’ll be a fan/stalker for life :3

I am also very blessed to be friends with some AMAZING seamstresses and prop makers who push me and inspire me to sharpen my skills. You all make my life so happy and fulfilling. Love you guys, you know who you are! <3

Can’t enough of this cosplayer? Lunar Lyn posts her incredible work on the following sites…

Lunar Lyn was kind enough to provide us with just a few of her favorite costume images! Enjoy!

Interested in being interviewed as our weekly feature? Or do you have a cosplayer you would like to suggest? Please email [email protected] with your submission/suggestion and thank you for reading!


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