The Andromeda Initiative


Monday was N7 day. A day for all Mass Effect fans to celebrate their fandom and post pictures of their favorite ME1 – ME3 characters, cosplay and art. People flooded forums with stories and Bioware, creator’s of the Mass Effect video game series, unveiled the Andromeda Initiative.
Andromeda Initiative
Fans of ME have long waited for signs of a new video game. They have long hoped that Bioware would kindly offer new content surrounding Shepard or any one of the supporting characters. So when they announced Andromeda and created a site detailing the new worlds to be explored the internet exploded with excitement.

About the Andromeda Initiative

  • The Initiative went live on 11/07/2016 (aka N7 Day).
  • AI (Andromeda Initiative) is 600 years in the future.
  • AI is seeking new recruits to help reign in the dawn of a new galactic age.
  • AI wants to help YOU reach out into space and discover galaxies full of untold stories and certain danger.

Bioware has done an excellent job of immersing its soon to be video game explorers in the new gaming universe that is Andromeda. There are quotes about the science of the game, mission briefings and the history of space exploration.

Mission Briefings

The AI site includes a training hub for future Andromeda players to explore. There are 6 video briefings; each briefing offers a glimpse of a future not yet foretold. There are explanations for how, why and what you will be doing as a member of the Andromeda Initiative. Seriously…if you loved or even liked Mass Effect you MUST visit this site and watch at least ONE of the mission briefings.

How to Get Started

Now that we’ve caught your attention (or maybe we had you at “Mass Effect”) how do you get started as a member of the Andromeda Initiative? For starters, you’ll need to visit Once there you can scroll down to the “Join Today” button and click it to embark upon the newest of Bioware’s gaming experiences.

Good luck, God Speed and Fan Girl On!


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