10 Titan Gift Books for Movie and Television Fans


You are lost is the maze of Giftgiving. You need to give a gift to a fellow fan of a television show or movie franchise but are completely lost on what to get them. You don’t want to buy them another plush toy or the latest blu-ray edition. Love those glorious glossy coffee table books? The best part? Order them from home in your pajamas and be done with shopping early.  Here are 10 options for those film and television geeks in your life this Holiday season:

Aliens: The Set Photography

Ellen Ripley is one of our favorite badasses so this book was a definite delight. This new hardback photography book documents the making of the 1986 James Cameron film Aliens. It shows a very unique perspective on the making of the sequel. As this is the 13th anniversary of the film (a very auspicious number), the new insights from Carrie Henn (Newt) and Jenette Goldstein (Private Vasquez) are even cooler. There are a ton of never publicly seen behind the scenes shots, looks at weapons and vehicles, and even some beloved publicity shots.

Cinema Alchemist

Light sabers are awesome. You have Roger Christian to thank for that creation. In his autobiography Cinema Alchemist, Roger Christian describes his life story from his work in the British film industry to his iconic creations in Star Wars, Alien, and Black Angel.


The Little Prince: The Art of the Movie

The Little Prince is one of the most beloved books of all time. The path to creating the film was a difficult one, but eventually it came to fruition. This book features the art of the movie, with hundred of images behidn the scenes showing how the production team developed the classic into a very loved movie.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film

While not everyone loved this movie, you have to admit it was visually stunning. This new collection looks at the art of the film and includes interviews with the cast and crew. We all know it’s all about Wonder Woman.

Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series

Adam West and Burt Ward are National Treasures. This new book focuses on the 1960’s Batman TV series. This coffee table book is a fantastic tribute, and even features a “Rogues Gallery of Villians” and a look at the Batmobile.  I know I’m buying a copy for my Batman fan.

Star Trek: 50 Artists 50 Years

Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek! This book collects a series of art pieces to celebrate moments, characters, storylines and episodes from the wonderful franchise we all know and love. Artists from around the world have contributed posters, photos, sculptures, comics, textiles and others as commemoration. Don’t forget, we are giving away two copies of this book as part of our contest here: https://fangirlnation.com/2016/11/22/star-trek-50-artists-50-years/

Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s Cookbook

I personally love this book. After reviewing the book, I’ve got to tell you that Feeding Hannibal is one of my favorite TV show/cookbook tie-ins. Janice Poon, the food stylist for the show, absolutely knows here stuff and provides great insights not just into the show, but how to make yourself look and feel like a professional chef. There are awesome photos from filming and a foreward by Mad Mikkelsen himself. This is a perfect gift for the Fannibal in your life.

The Art and Making of the Flash

Love the Flash and can’t get enough of it? This book gathers production art and photography from the set to give us an inside look at the making of the popular TV show. There are interviews with the cast and crew, as well as an exploration of characters and their gadgets.

Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier













Ever wonder what Oliver Queen’s collection of notes and files look like when compiling intelligence on his friends and foes? Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier does just that for fans of the CW television show. Wrapped in a green textured cover, the book is filled with pictures, handwritten notes from Oliver Queen, and police reports. The book is broken into sections, following those who have failed Starling City and those who work with him to defend it. We loved this when we reviewed it recently. 

The Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier

I don’t watch a whole lot of Blacklist (yes, I know I’m waaaaaaaay behind in TV watching) but the show is crazy popular and many critics love it. In this dossier collection, Elizabeth Keen compiles her notes, case files on Red, Tom, and the Backlist. There are photographs, maps, newspaper cuttings, and detailed notes to piece together the mysteries of the show.



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