Unboxed: March 2017 Loot Wear– Build Something


The January and March 2017 Loot Wear containers arrived on top of one another–and I mean that literally. I came home and they were piled together on the porch. This package doesn’t have anything quite as exciting as the January Fantastic Beasts scarf, but it does have a super T-shirt. It also has socks. Socks are cool.

The T-shirt is a wonderful, detailed Mass Effect: Andromeda T-shirt with the specs for a NOMAD ND1, spread out and labeled. The detailing is impressive, and I love the little notations–down to the font. It also eschews the basic grey in favor of a nice, dark blue. This is a T-shirt you can put on on a bad day and feel better for wearing.

The socks this month are thematically linked with a pair of Voltron and a pair of Transformers socks. One might almost wear one of each on some days.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PurseAnd there is an exlusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles purse. It’s cute, but not terribly practical: There’s no room for a book, for one thing, and not much room for pens, wallet, make up, or any of the thousand and one other things that may end up in a purse. I was going to suggest carrying it in the airport because at least it will be easy to place on the scanner and will give everyone something to talk about while you put on your shoes but–there’s no room for a book. So–it’s cute.

What would you use it for? Or what are you using it for? Suggestions are welcome!

Voltron BoxersAnd finally there are the boxers: Voltron this time, and very clearly and brightly printed. Whatever else is going on in the day, you’ll know you have brightly colored, appropriately geeky underwear on under that staid exterior you present.

The pamphlet lists a pair of Power Rangers Jogger Pants as well, but they seem to have fallen into whatever interdimensional void held back the January Loot Wear package. Maybe they’ll come out like the package did, maybe the aliens decided to keep them. After all, they do look comfortable!

Loot Wear packages always have points because–socks! This one gains some oomph by virtue of that amazing T-shirt and loses some from that totally impractical purse, so 4/5. What do you think? Fair enough?

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