Uboxed: PupJoy and Squeak Toys

PupJoy Owl Squeak Toy

First take the toy to the couch, then squeak, then throw it off. Repeat.

I am currently listening to the thumpety-thumpety-thump of happy dog feet, punctuated by the occasional loud “squeak!” as my young poodle mix, Bilbo, chases his new, Poppy the Owl Ruf-Tex Huggle Hounds toy. He is carrying it from place to place, growling happily, and hopping onto the couch to throw it down for himself to chase, rolling it along, and having a grand old time. He’s even letting me write this review with the minimum of interruption, which is quite something from my social little pal.

He knows something good is happening, and he’s ready to investigate.

The Pupjoy box came just two weeks after I requested a review box and it was filled according to my specifications—one of the advantages of Pupjoy as a subscription box is that it offers quite a few options. When ordering, the customer can check whether they want organic only treats, what allergies their dog has, what size the dog is, how heavily it chews, and other questions suitable for getting the appropriate toys and treats. My dog, for example, is a small dog but a heavy chewer, so the toys need to be able to withstand some roughhousing. I chose “durable chewers” while other dogs might be more on the “soft and plush” toys end of things.

Bilbo also enjoyed a brief flirtation with the Arch Enemy Rabbit toy before the Owl came out of the box. Since he can flip the rabbit over his head, shake it enticingly, and run away with it, I think its time will come when he’s ready for a good game of tug of war—as I mentioned, he’s social. Unlike other stuffed animals he’s played that with, this comes with a rope inside and no stuffing. It has a chance of lasting a while. I am a little puzzled by the rabbit in one regard: Pupjoy offers an extensive checklist for toy and treat types, and I selected “durable.” The rabbit is marked as for “medium chewers.” Let’s just see how this goes, though—I plan on updating this when/if the toys wear out.

The rabbit can be shaken and chased and tugged!

Also inside the box are a chewable length of elk antler—perfect for a dog who, while admirably restrained when it comes to things like shoes, still really loves to chew and needs an outlet for it. I’d just had a friend who has spent her life raising dogs recommend elk antlers as chew toys, so I’m glad to have the chance to try one. He’s given it a couple of approving chews, but right now, Poppy the Owl has his full attention.

Or at least, Poppy has had is full attention for most of the time. This dog loves, and I mean loves his toys, but even he dropped everything to come running when I opened the bag of Jerky Chips and managed a respectable sit-stay while waiting for his treat. I think these are going to fall into the category of “high value” to be used for learning new skills, or for things like responding to “Come” while at the dog park (I did mention he’s social, right?). I mean, he even sat still for long enough for me to take the picture!

Camberville Dog Treats Porter SquaresA sample from the Finley’s Barkery Bones bag had him crunching appreciatively, and will help in my attempts to train him in not alerting us to every dog or person that goes by our door, and a bit of the Camberville apple pear Porter Squares were worth waiting for as well, and I look forward to sharing them with him, but the clear star as far as he is concerned are the Jerky Chews. From my perspective, the sturdy nature of the Porter Squares is a big plus. They’re healthy and I can carry them in my pocket when we go on walks. Somehow, he remembers things like “sit” and “walk by the yard with barking dogs” much better when treats are involved. The Finley’s Barkery bag is a good-sized one–a full eight ounces that I might find on a pet store shelf, no sample-sizes here!

Overall, I’m impressed with the contents of the Pupjoy box and with my little dog’s response to them. I’ll update later to comment on toy durability.

To learn more about Pupjoy or to order a crate, go to their website here. A one-time purchase is $29 a box (which is reasonable, given the contents) while a three, six, or twelve month subscription comes to $27, $25, and $23 per month respectively. Subscribers can cancel at any time with no penalty.

Edit to add: Bilbo is adopted and wonderful. I found him in part thanks to Petfinder.

FTC Disclosure: I received a Pupjoy crate in return for an honest review.

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