Castlevania Season 1 review


 Castlevania how I love thee, let me count the ways.

  1. Dialogue. Oh the dialogue which I can’t share with you cause it was literally 85% swears. And creative swears. Swears I am stealing to use in my everyday life.
  2. Animation. The animation was gorgeous. It reminded me a lot of Heavy Metal and Aeon Flux. The faces and the hair especially. I also really loved the color saturation and how it changed for different set pieces and situations.
  3. The mythology. I think that they really hit the time period well. The religious zealotry that was happening while the conversion was happening. The Bishop in particular hit hard and well for me.  Also, the Speakers were well done, though some of their dialogue was a tad cheesy.
  4. The voice actors. Well hello Mr. Armitage, nice to hear you. And Matt Frewer, so nice to have you back on my tv. Plus, a Hobbit reunion with Graham McTavish as Dracula. They were fantastic. Just fantastic.

Okay, now that I have listed the best things about this series, let me say, I’ve never played the game. I’m more of  a Mario person. So I came at this as just enjoying all things vampire (except those that shall not be named, you know, the *shudders* sparkly ones) and Dracula. So for me, not having any expectations, this show shattered them. I loved it. I figured I would at least enjoy it, but it was more than that. I laughed. I pulled back from the tv at the appropriate scary bits. I was flat out impressed with what they accomplished in such a short span.

Now here is what I thought was not great – some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy, which is pretty normal for a tv series. It can’t all be sarcastic gold like Trevor… Also, four episodes? Who in the blue heck thought that was enough? Really Netflix? Really? Tease us why don’t you? I know the second season is already green-lit, and is supposed to be double, but even still, eight episodes seems too short as well.

Castlevania is bloody, full of inventive curses, beautifully drawn, and just epic. Overall, this was an amazing and well spent hour of my life. I want more. A lot more and will be watching closely to see when we will get it.


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