Yo-Kai Watch #3 (the sad, sad end)


 It’s that time again, and sadly, the last time at that. Kid Comic Reviews by Juliette! You’ll notice I titled this post and she wrote the body, hence the disparity in tone. I hate to see these end because I’ve had a blast watching her learning about reviews and how helpful they are to writers, how good it feels to be praised for hard work and because the writer, Eric M. Esquivel is a pretty chill dude.  So here it is, Yo-Kai Watch #3, the last issue.


Review by Juliette, age 9

Sad, sad end? Ok sure. It wasn’t that sad, sure some people get sad when something ends, but not today. Ok enough about that, now to the comic.  Art: great. Story: great. Characters: okay. By characters I mean Snartle. I just don’t like him, you might but I don’t. Yes, this comic made him more likable. But I just don’t like him, sorry. Other than him the comic was great. I like that it went to the future, because, we went to the past and, um, right! The present. Cause for the past the was Shoganyan. Sorry, forgot how to spell his name. And for the present was Jibanyan. And the future has Robanyan. Sorry if I spelled that wrong too. And the art was great, as always. Now I said I don’t like Snartle, but I like his backstory. And I like his mom. She’s cool. Robanyan’s cool too.


PS – I think my kid’s new favorite word is cool, which is you know, cool 🙂



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