Tank Girl in COLOR!!


 It’s the 30th anniversary of our favorite foul mouthed, kick butt, tank driving, bald headed, crazy lady.  Tank Girl burst onto the scene in 1988, originally as a part of Deadline Magazine.  It originally ran black and white for 7 years, but us fans have been clamoring for it, and now here they are; in COLOR!!  This is the first of six collections of the original strips made famous by the amazing duo of Jaime Hewlett and Alan Martin.

Through the Tank Girl #1, we get not only the comic strips in technicolor, but we also get insight into how the comic was started and the lives of the men who brought it to us. It’s a fascinating look into a character we all love so much. I’ve admitted before that I didn’t learn about Tank Girl until the movie (don’t judge, I still love it) so I was a late comer to the awesomeness that is Tank Girl, but I quickly became a fan and went back and found the old comics. So for a long time fan, this 30th anniversary celebration is fantastic.

In this first collection you see her time with the military, as well as some of her earliest interactions with the “kangaroos.” Her and Booga’s relationship has always amused me. Tank Girl was certainly the first “adult” comic I ever read and it never shied away from nudity or sex. It was almost brutal in it’s look at the insanity of war, turning it on it’s head over and over again.

And let me just say how amusing it is that this first issue is 69 pages. I’m not sure it was intentional, but it should have been. Considering how raunchy Tank Girl has always been, it was just an added bit of amusement.

Titan Comics has amazing stuff planned for the whole year to celebrate the 30th anniversary, so be sure to keep an eye out for not only the color collections, but new stories coming your way!


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