San Diego Comic Con 2018: The women behind Hex 11 Comic


The trend of re-visting past projects at San Diego Comic Con continues as we meet up with the women of Hex 11 Comics!

Hex11 is the epic story of a future where magic has been discovered as a new technology. Elanor, a young witch-in-training, navigates the urban underworld known as the Hex; facing corporate conspiracies, demon mercenaries, black market magic dealers, and extra-dimensional body snatchers, all while trying to complete her apprenticeship to an eccentric oracle named Vera.”-Hex 11 

Talking HEX 11

I am so proud to see a small publishing group of passionate women still going strong with Hex 11. They have now concluded Volume I and Volume 2 will be released soon. Their fan base is strong with steady growth. The dragon-kitties are still as awesome as ever!

Official website:

You can also support their series by checking out their patreon:

Check out the video below as we catch up with them and what’s new with the Hex 11 comic.

The video features:

Lisa K. Weber – Artist/Creative Director

Kelly Sue Milano – Head Writer/VP of Development

Lynly Forrest – Producer/Editor




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