Disney Villains Series – Becoming a Villain


In the spirit of our Disney Villains Series Books Give Away (run by Disney Books Group) we are sharing some of the BEST Disney Villain Makeup Tutorials on the internet!

Mother Gothel

To pay homage to our “Mother Knows Best” star here is a WONDERFUL make-up tutorial by the talented PromiseTaMang:

Sea Witch – Ursula

Ursula is, by far, one of my favorite villains. She is cunning, intelligent, ruthless and evil to a fault. Ursula tells the truth before casting her spells, warning her receivers that if they do not get their “happy ending” before time is up their souls are hers. What she DOESN’T say is that she’ll do ANYTHING to stop their happy endings from happening (cue Flotsam and Jetsam). This make-up transformation is brought to you by Joo Skellington.


Our final transformation/tutorial is by the INCREDIBLY TALENTED Lightning Cosplay. This German cosplayer/costumer/fabricator has proven time and again that she can turn into ANYONE and ANTHING. Her rendition of Maleficent was awe inspiring for cosplayers the world round so we, at FGN, knew that it was high time to share this amazing piece of art.

Do YOU have a Villain transformation or tutorial you enjoy? Share it with us in the comment below don’t forget to enter our GIVE AWAY.

Disney Villains Series - Becoming a Villain
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Disney Villains Series - Becoming a Villain
Makeup Transformations from Internet artists
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