Murder in a Show House in “The Nightingale before Christmas”


The Nightingale before ChristmasThe Nightingale before Christmas by Donna Andrews, Meg Langslow is being kept busy in a decorative showhouse. Twelve different local interior decorators have been given different rooms of a house to decorate in their own styles, which range from classic to goth to chintz. But all does not go well in this house. A citizen divas working in the same building leads to a lot of friction, especially the designer Clay Spottiswood, who has the master bedroom. Then things get even crazier as packages go missing and Clay drips red paint all over other people’s rooms and tries to remove a load bearing wall against direct orders, causing a flood beneath him. So it comes as no surprise to the reader when Clay ends up being the one murdered, but someone has heavily vandalized his room. Meg gets involved in trying to track down the murderer, complete with plenty of danger.

The Nightingale before Christmas is a fun addition to the Meg Langslow series, with another great plot and strong characters. We see Meg’s twins, Josh and Jamie, as they are growing up and busy trying to come up with presents for their mother, who, for some strange reason, doesn’t want hamsters or a nerf gun or an ant farm. This book is darker than most in the series, but it has a strong plot and enough fun details to make it as much a delight as the other books in the series.

Bernadette Dunne once again proves why she is one of my very favorite audiobook narrators and why this series is the one I recommend to people wanting to get into listening to audiobooks. With unique voices for each character and a smile in her voice, she takes one of Andrews’s darker books and makes it enjoyable for all.

I really appreciated The Nightingale before Christmas for its clever plot, vivid characters, and unique setting. The writing is very strong and the book delightful. I give it five stars.

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