Arson and Murder in “Death in an English Cottage”


Death in an English Cottage

In Death in an English Cottage by Sara Rosett, Kate Sharp gets a job working as a location scout for a program on Pride and Prejudice in Nether Woodsmore, England. She joins Alex Norcott, a local location scout, with whom she had shared an attraction during her previous visit to the town. Since the local hotel has no room, Kate is given a cottage on the estate of the local gentry next door to that used by the famous literary scholar to be used on the program. Learning that her neighbor is reported to have acquired some previously undisclosed letters by Jane Austen, Kate is alarmed to come home one evening to find her neighbor’s cottage on fire. But even more alarming than the possible loss of such letters is the body the fire fighters find in the house. When DCI Quimby, the local police detective, starts to suspect Alex, Kate uses her own research skills to find the truth and help the man she has had the opportunity to kiss only once.

I really liked the first book in this series, Death in an English Village, and I liked Death in an English Cottage even more. The mystery had some fascinating twists and turns, and I really enjoyed the details about Jane Austen in the story, especially since the books don’t try to be a retelling of her famous book. I also connected with the characters and found myself cheering on the developing relationship between Kate and Alex. Further, I liked seeing the research that Kate puts into clearing Alex’s name, as she uses social media to help her study the life of Amy Brown, the murdered woman.

I really appreciated the audiobook performance of Sarah Mollo-Christensen, who makes this book a lot of fun to listen to. Using a soft, gentle voice, Mollo-Christensen adds extra expression in the more dramatic sections, but for the most part, she lets the drama of the book create the excitement for us readers by itself. I really liked the sound of her voice and the way she performs the whole book.

I greatly enjoyed getting to listen to Death in an English Cottage and connect back with old friends from the first book in the series while meeting new friends. The excitement of the case adds extra fun to the book as well, making this a truly delightful book to listen to. I give this book five stars!

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Death in an English Cottage
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