Unnatural Issue # 8 Review


Unnatural has become quite the supernatural series.

What began as just a little secret for everyday lady pig, Leslie, has escalated into a tale of supernatural carnage, reincarnation connections, chases, stabbing by knife, backstabbing, and general degeneration of Leslie humanity. Or is it sus-manity?

Unnatural is set in anthropomorphic society with a strong emphasis of “like attracts and breeds with like,” absolutely no inter-specifies breeding is socially allowed.  Leslie, is just one pig girl in a large society with friends, a job, and every night dream she dreamed of steamy sex scenes with a white wolf.  Dreams that she kept mainly to herself as just innocent forbidden fruit types of fantasy.  Every citizen is required to be in the breeding program, a type of bureaucratic matching service where they give you a makeover and connect you to your match. When it becomes Leslie’s turn, her match is seemingly perfect. Then in a blink of eye, it all just unravels. The first volume ends with revelation that everything Leslie thought was completely untrue. She was betrayed by friends, her other friends murdered, and that wolf hunk in her dreams has now morphed into murderous nightmare.

The wolf hunk is not a figment of her overactive sexual imagination. The wolf is known at the Albino; a fearsome terrifying monster that terrified those around him. He was strong, unnaturally strong, and a voracious appetite. Females born with blue hair became his bride, his sacrifice to appease his bloody appetite. Leslie is the current reincarnation of one of these blue haired brides who was named Bes. The Albino is within Leslie herself, filling her dreams and now manifesting himself through violent bursts to protect her. When she is in danger, he will overtake her and cause shocking acts such as ripping an arm right out.

As one gang seeks out to obtain this overwhelming destructive power within her, another group has come to save and protect her. Leslie is forced to flee with a white wolf named Khal, as his ragtag of comrades seek to not only to protect her but to learn more about this supernatural legacy. Khal and Leslie are connected through this legacy but every little tidbit learned is earned by an ever growing pile of blood and bodies behind them.

Unnatural Issue #8 concludes the end of the second arc of the series with revelations and never ending flow of blood. Each issue opens up new information and even more questions on what is happening. So far, this is a reincarnation story and it involves the possible unlocking of a monster trapped within a pig who he considers his bride.

Through all the issues, Leslie becomes more and more helpless the more is plucked from one dangerous situation to another. Through it all, she is dealing with her own unraveling as she finds that the Albino is taking more control of her. She hasn’t even had time to truly process what is happening or to even grieve.  By the end of Issue #8, there are less tears and it seems that Leslie is receding further in and letting the monster take over. Perhaps the glimpses that we see of Bes will result in a reveal in the third arc which will result in an upsurgence of strength for Leslie to break free. How she will break free will be interesting indeed.

This tale of two wolves with the Albino and Khal have the makings of a good romance over Leslie. The Albino is completely domineering in his obsession over Bes. He doesn’t see Leslie as a completely different person, just the vessel of his obsession. Khal and Leslie’s relationship has traumatic beginnings but it appears that they are on a more friendlier grounds as they share the same troubles and wishes. It friendship for now as they dodge bullets and trust one another. Although Khal has already showed his trust and encouragement for Leslie to be strong even as she rips into chests.

The  series also introduces a shaman antagonist, the Glance who is the leader of the attempting to capture Leslie. There seems to be a motivation for control of the power but that seems to be too shallow of a plot. The reveal of who the Glance really is leads down an alternative historical connection. Possibly a third player in this reincarnation story between the Albino and Bes?

Aside from the story, the art just continues to be captivating. Each character is a visual balance of their animal being and being a human. One panel really stood out with Khal being sad showing his droopy wolf ears and it was just adorable. There are other part that just downright sexy and gorgeous without being lewd.  One particular two spread in one of the issues was an absolute stunning dream like piece in its color palette even as it depicts carnage and carnal acts.  This style is dynamic and vibrant that it does lessen the shock value of all of the blood, which is much appreciated with this queasy reader. The pacing and action sequences are smooth but the art does invite a second look back to appreciate all of the facial nuances and overall style.

The pure enjoyment from reviewing the first volume (issues #1 – issues #4)  has now become an all out devotion. This series has cemented the complete need for more; More story, more Leslie. So much is circling around Leslie that the third arc will surely explosive. Also,  Leslie is so lovable. How can anyone dismiss this adorable pig with her cute style?

Unnatural Issue #8  is available now. The next issue will come out in May 2019 so there is definitely plenty of time to catch up!





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