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To Ears With Love is a regular column about our favorite podcasts. Ever listen to a podcast, find it entrancing, only to binge listen to the whole thing and be left with nothing but silence or a Spotify playlist? FangirlNation is here to help with some suggestions.

Amanda and Amber have a serious passion, and it’s for YA fiction.  In the podcast Fictional Hangover, the two pick a book, devour it, and tell you all about it. If you hate spoilers, this podcast may not be for you. If you desperately want someone else to talk about the young adult fiction you love, this is the place to go…oh and did I mention there is Cosplay?

Amanda loves to cosplay, so while you can listen to the podcast on major platforms like iTunes and the like, there is also a visual aspect called the Booktube you can check out on Youtube.

So here’s the thing; before the days of movies for things like The Hunger Games, I remember wanting to cosplay characters from books but feeling super out of place wanting to do it. Evidently, it’s super fun and I wish I’d given in to the desire to cosplay more book characters.

The episodes of Fictional Hangover are about an hour long. The hosts are pretty honest about their feelings if they don’t like a book, but aren’t like super mean about it. Amanda is a librarian, so she’s definitely big on the importance of reading. This podcast is super enjoyable if you are looking for clarification on a book or, in my case, desire to suddenly have a whole new list of books to grab from the library after listening.

You can follow the regular process of the podcast on their blog, Fictional Hangover is available on most major podcast platforms, and their Booktube is on Youtube.


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