Tank Girl Color Classic


We’re back again with another issue of the newly released and colorized Tank Girl comics that are being put out for the 30th Anniversary. As a long time avid fan of Tank Girl, I was pretty beside myself when it was announced that the to celebrate the anniversary the original writers would be releasing these new colored comics. Plus, nearly 70 pages of insanity plus extras? How could a person say no?

Tank Girl, a totally out of this world ridiculous comic ran from 1988-1995 as a staple of Deadline Magazine.  30 years and one movie later, the world is still not ready for her special brand of living. This offering has seven separate comics, though three of them are one continuing story. Among this colored insanity you’ll find I’ve Got Friends at Bell’s End, Force Ten to Ringerooma Bay, Summer Love Sensation parts, 1,2, 3 and 3.5 and Dig the Times. In these stories you get classic Tank Girl, though surprisingly she doesn’t get naked or have the tank show up until near the end in Dig The Times. Times is a fun romp, short and sweet. Full of drugs, nudity and Jimi Hendrix, it is nearly guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

(I found one safe to use image)

I’m fully aware that Tank Girl isn’t for everybody. It’s definitely NSFW, and it’s crude and completely politically incorrect. Might be why I love it. So if you are interested in murder, breaking the fourth wall (one of my favorite things), Stonehenge, sexy times on lay lines, mental hospitals that are not what they seem and cursing, then maybe Tank Girl is for you! These new reissues are a great way to give it a try. Not only do you get the original comics, but you get bonus variant covers, commentary by the writers, and other fun stuff like Booga’s Treehouse club!

Tank Girl Color Classics is being released by Titan Comics.



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