‘Teen Titans: Raven’ is a Solid Intro to a Mysterious Teen Titan


Raven Roth is still dealing with severe memory loss and the death of her foster mother from a car accident. She moves to New Orleans to live with her foster’s mother’s sister and finish out her senior year of high school. She can remember the basics of things like how to write a paper, complete math homework, and make dinner, but she doesn’t remember what candy bar is her favorite or even her favorite book. However, strange things begin to happen and Raven starts to wonder if maybe she was someone very different in her past.  Teen Titans: Raven provides a solid introduction for one of the most mysterious members of the Teen Titans.

Kami Garcia, known best as being a co-author for Beautiful Creatures takes the story of Raven Roth and makes her understandable and relatable, especially for teenagers. The artist Gabriel Picolo’s art is phenomenal and the choice to keep it mostly black and white with only the occasional coloration makes the art even more powerful. This is the first graphic novel in the Teen Titan series for DC Ink, and has a lot of promise.

Teen Titan: Raven is now available from DC Ink.


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