‘Investigation 13’


Investigation 13 is the latest insane asylum film to haunt our digital and DVD formats. The film starts with a college student being shown found footage of an abandoned mental institution in Florida, complete with bloodied walls and rats. I tell you right now, none of my professors did this in college and I now I feel like I was cheated out of a well-rounded Liberal Arts education.  The film follows this by focusing on a crew of student bloggers who want to prove- via scientific means -spirits exist, partially in order to get a parapsychology course set up.  The crew is well aware of the legend of a murderer known as The Mole Man who once graced the halls.

The film features an entire animated sequence which I was unsure was supposed to be there. It features a patient having a severe episode and attacking another patient in the hospital. Its a pretty good way to get around trying to get electroshock equipment or hire additional actors.  The art kind of looks like the Rob Zombie sequence from Beavis and Butthead do America, but with WAY less color and way more depressants. The BS fake Native American stuff was a bit much.  Prepare to see many driving shots of Florida, including the required shot of an alligator, because Florida. If you’re a psychologist or psychiatrist, you’ll likely hate this movie with a passion.

Investigation 13 comes to VOD and DVD September 10, 2019.


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