Trouble for Tate’s Foster Son in “Caffe Machiatto”


Caffe MachiattoIn Caffe Machiatto by M.L. Hamilton, Tate Mercer’s 17-year-old foster son, Logan Baxter, faces a big challenge when his father resurfaces after 11 years. He wants nothing to do with Mitchell Baxter, whom he hasn’t seen since his mother took him and fled after his father’s routine beatings of her escalated to a beating of Logan at the age of 6. When the judge refuses even to hear Logan’s wishes in the matter and grants Mitchell visitation rights, Logan, in fear and anger, grabs his skateboard and takes off, not to return until 2 a.m. Logan’s refusal to disclose his activities takes a dramatic turn upon the discovery of the murder of Mitchell Baxter. Tate and Zion, his girlfriend and the owner of the Caffeinator coffee shop, will have to work extra hard to find the truth behind this murder.

Caffe Machiatto is another great book by the delightful Hamilton. By this, book four in the series, the characters could have sunk into a set of static natures, but we see them continue to develop. The plot points set up situations that test the characters and open up interesting possibilities for their natures. For example, the introduction of Logan’s father creates unique opportunities for change within Logan, Tate, Zion, and the others in Sequoia. I was very impressed by the way the plot and the characters worked together so effectively.

Kelley Hazen performs the audio edition of this book, which I enjoyed a lot. Hazen does a lot to immerse listeners in the story and connect to the situation. She makes the characters seem like real people and the plot seem true to life. Hazen’s performance is one of fun and delight.

I highly enjoyed listening to Caffe Machiatto, a truly pleasurable book. I really loved the interconnected nature of the plot and character growth. This book is a real delight to listen to. I give it five stars!

Disclaimer: I received this book for free for review purposes, but that had no effect on the content of my review.

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