Interview with Webtoon Author Savie Creator of Lord Have Mercy


After battling a five-year “creative block” Savie (aka Savanita) returns to art with what she describes as her biggest project yet, the Webtoon webcomic Lord Have Mercy.

Lord Have Mercy is a romantic drama set in a 1960s small-town Catholic social circle. It’s about a young priest named Father Luke and a young nun, named Sister Esther who fall in love, the ultimate forbidden romance. The story features energetic characters and a vintage retro cartoon-inspired art style.

Savie originally got the idea for the comic about five years ago, however, she abandoned the idea, shelving it for years. That wasn’t the only thing to get shelved. About five years went by without Savie creating a comic or working on any big projects. Art wasn’t a big part of her life for those years, but the rut eventually came to an end. 

“I found that spark and it came back to me and I was able to put all my energy into this project.” She says something came over her this year and she made the decision to pursue her idea again. 

The comic debuted on the webcomic platform Webtoon in August 2019 and already has over 61,000 subscribers and nearly 3 million views. 

Lord Have Mercy isn’t Savie’s first webcomic. She previously published webcomics on deviant art years ago. They were short slice of life comics and another short series called Zander’s Afterlife.

When asked about the most challenging aspect of creating a webcomic, she says it’s keeping it interesting.

“You don’t want to be redundant when making comics.” After five years without doing much art, she had to push herself to get some of her skills back and get out of her comfort zone. 

Lord Have Mercy isn’t a hobby for Savie. She wants to see it get published in hard copy print. With that goal in mind, she completely dedicated to the comic making it her day job. She’s putting all her energy into it.

“I’m hoping it will be able to be more than what it is now. I’m glad that it’s doing well on Webtoon but I’d really like to see it get published.”

Although Savie is still working towards reached her publication goal, I think she’s has a lot of success so far. Every day there are people investing their time into reading her comic. Each page that gets completed and uploaded is also a mini-win, and she has a tangible object to show for her hard work.

I asked her what she thinks others can do to be successful.

“Try not to give up is my biggest advice.”

Savie also said she believes there shouldn’t be anything that should stop you but that sometimes life gets in the way. Even when life does get in the way, as it did for Savie, if it’s what you believe you are meant to do and you are passionate about it, you can come back to it.

“You’ve got to push yourself in those moments when you think about giving up.” 

To her fans, Savie says they keep her going and she doesn’t know where the comic would be now without them.

“I promise you it’s worth waiting for the updates. Thirsts will be quenched later on in the story.”

You can read Lord Have Mercy on Webtoon now. You can also support Savie on Patreon

Listen to the complete interview on the Chaotic Pop Podcast now. 


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