Famous in Cedarville


Former Hollywood actress Barbara Lace is found dead in her home in Cedarville. No one is all that surprised, as Lace was older, but local resident Samson Delaware is convinced that the death was not as innocent as it seems. The town has an unspoken rule that as long as Barbara Lace didn’t bother them, they didn’t bother her, so no one really knows what she was really like. Samson is on the edge of things, as losing his wife has made him far less social than he already was and neighbors are pretty sure he’s slowly losing his mind.  It’s not long before he witnesses another murder and realizes that there is much more to the case and Lace’s decision to move to Cedarville.

Erica Wright’s prose makes Famous in Cedarville rapidly go from the opening stages to a page turner. The mystery is entertaining, full of Hollywood mystery and small-town secrets, making it an entertaining read to whip through over the weekend.

Famous in Cedarville is now available from Polis Books.



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