“I Myself Am Strange and Unusual”: Mistress of Death 2019 Shopping Guide


Welcome back to the weird and slightly offputting shopping list to help you find the perfect gift for those off-kilter people in your life. We’ve tracked down some of our favorites over the year, and The Mistress of Death is here to help you out.

Weird Ceramic Poodle People

Want something super weird designed in the Halloween Capital of the World (Anoka, Minnesota)?  Snew on Etsy has you covered with her strange ceramic designs. One of the first I came across was her poodle people. They also come in pink, if your giftee would prefer.

The Raven Soap

StoryScentsations out of Nevada makes some incredible soaps, all with scents based off of famous characters of literature. If you want something Poe-related, or lean more towards famous creatures of literature, they have you covered. Also, if you’re looking for something more innocent (like Jane Austen soaps) they have something for you too.

Pretty Much Anything from Look Human

The store Look Human delights in puns, pop culture, and general weird. If you’re looking for Christmas or holiday shirts, cups, or cards that are weird, check them out.

Bigfoot Art

DrawnfrommyBrain provides some adorable, yet weird, art that makes a great addition to your wall art collection. The Bigfoot ones are a delight.

Coffin Gift Tags

Looking to spice up your wrapping with something your weirdo will love? Tzip’s Mystical Arts has a set of 8 to wrap those presents right.

Colonial Grave Return Address Stamps

Want your correspondence to be just a bit spooky? Paper Street Stamp Shop sells these custom made stamps with imagery found on old graves from Colonial times.  They have definite Edward Gorey vibes.  They also have a stamp that looks like the text from American Horror Story.

Skeleton Cookie Decorations

Looking for a super cute, but still kind of weird, ornament? These Skeleton Cookie decorations are a real treat from Little Miss Delicious.

Old Syringes from the USSR

Know someone who likes vintage medical items? These syringes are listed from the USSR from the 1980’s. This store mostly sells old medical syringes.

Sugar Cube Skulls

For something a little sweet, but still creepy, Dembones shop makes sugar cube skulls. They also make strange teas if you’re a tea drinker.


May your Holidays be happy and bizarre <3


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