Death in the Family (Batman)- Trailer Reaction



Alright, I know. I’ve missed you all. It’s been hard to write because of the world being on fire. But leave it to Batman and my favorite most beloved Robin, Jason Todd, to bring me back from the pits of my despair. Y’all, I have loved Batman for most of my life and I have always said that the DC animated movies have been some of the best they’re produced ever. Leave it to DC to breathe life into the iconic story line that changed the course of comic book history forever.

For some context, in the story Death in the Family, fans get the answer to a weeks’ long question: does Jason Todd die? This question was posed after fans (who pretty universally hated Todd for…reasons) were given the choice by the writers and overwhelmingly wrote in to let Jason die.

The trailer gets so many things right and then there’s one absolutely fantastic twist. It’s CYOA. A newer generation gets the choice about what to do with Jason Todd. We can save him, we can let him die; we have options. I have been training my entire life for this moment and I just can’t wait.

This trailer is exactly what I needed to break my funk and get back to writing. I can’t wait for this to come out and to finally make the choice I’ve been dying to make for years.


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